It’s time to think about you!

Wellness massages allow you to relieve stress and relax.
For those who haven’t yet tried it, know that this type of massage will give you a pure moment of pleasure.
It will rid you of your anxiety, your anguish and you will enjoy a spellbinding feeling of well-being.

Trained at the prestigious Azenday massage school, Laurent welcomes you to his institute or visits your home for a massage session in Toulouse.

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The Institute

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Why choose Prenez Une Pause massage institute ?

Because, unlike the big chains, I chose quality over quantity. I only offer 2 or 3 massage sessions per day in order to take the time to acquire yourself well. In this way, you will always feel considered and my goal is for you to come out soothed, with the firm intention of being pampered again.

My motto : ultra quality for a reasonable price and respected massage times ! 1 hour of massage bought, it’s really 1 hour to get a massage.

What massages are available ?

About ten different massages are available in the salon or at home. Because a massage is still a special moment, you will probably be afraid to make a mistake in choosing the massage. And it is certain that we do not come out of a Hawaiian massage as we come out of a Thai massage.

However, the description of each massage as well as the videos available on each page (during shooting) should help you to see more clearly and I remain at your disposal to inform you about any technique. You can also take our test to discover the massage that suits you right now!

If this is your first massage, I advise you to start with the Swedish massage, which is the most common in France. It will give you a nice overview of the quality of my massages.

The living room is located, at my home, in an old renovated building in a small and charming setting.

Here is the address :

4 chemin du Loup

Details for parking and access to the lounge will be sent to you in the confirmation email of your reservation.

They came to the living room…. Discover here the artists and sportsmen I had the honor to massage

Gil Alma, Amandine Bourgeois, Elodie Poux, Amir, Eddy de Pretto
Gil Alma, Amandine Bourgeois, Elodie Poux, Amir, Eddy de Pretto

Who am I?

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Altruistic and passionate, I left a career as an accountant and IT developer to fully engage in a profession with more human contacts and a goal more suited to my life philosophy.

Customer reviews

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